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Swimming Pool Safety Nets Fixing in Chennai, Call 9791170467 for Doorstep Service.

Ashok Enterprises have stockist for Swimming Pool Nets in Chennai, which can fix on top of the pool surface. It helps in protect children, pets falling inside the the water. We have offering the Swimming Pool Nets in Chennai with different colors and different sizes according to your requirements. Many parents do not rely on gates, pool fences and pool alarms to protect their child from drowning. They choose to have ultimate control over access to the pool, spa or any aquatic feature.

The pool safety net is custom fitted to your swimming pool and can be shaped as required to fit around rocks, waterfalls and other obstructions. Ashok Swimming Pool Nets in Chennai are extremely light weight and can be fitted or removed in less then 15min. The net is conveniently stored, tangle free, on its own roller when not in use.

A simple pulley operated tension system is used to tighten the net after fitting. We can supply a made to measure net kit with full instructions. The installer should have reasonable patience and good handyman skills. If you think this is suitable option for you, please contact us

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